Slow Motion

by Troy C. Thomas

I just literally read one of the shortest blogs on the power of “slow sex”. It gave me the inspiration to finally make my finger tips tap the keyboard of my computer (aka “let my pen bleed”). Because last week I was supposed to mark the progress of my newest child Breathe Love. And I ended up dropping the ball. The prior week I had plotted all that needed to be done. I had set goals to make sure I did as many things possible to make my dream manifest. Everything was accomplished. I was very inspired by my follow thru, but I never sat down in front of my laptop and reflected on it. This journey is very big for me, it’s almost like having a new child. I am treating this endeavor like it’s an infant. So I am going through all the necessary stages. The types that you cannot skip. The learning on the job type lessons. Because there is something brilliant about just sitting back and learning something by doing it. Being patient and proactive at the same damn time.
Last week was very important. It was the living out of my intentions. The implementation of how I envision Breathe Love. And it started off with opening new accounts at a Black bank for my daughter and myself. I firmly believe there can be no “community” without a people controlling the flow of their monies. So doing Breathe Love with a Black financial institution was putting my money where my mouth is, literally. Then I reached out to some kind hearted people that offered to share their experience and knowledge in the different areas of building a store. I am a willing student, so when someone offers to help me I am all ears. And the most beautiful thing about reaching out to these people was that it was offered to me first. By these individuals sharing their wisdom it has given the impression that they want to see me win. They want to support. That’s an overwhelming blessing, but one that I will reciprocate or pass onto the next person. There are some that just want to show love just because. Others believe in the goal. Then there are those that just love the logo. But it doesn’t matter to me it’s still support. And I am humbled by it. The interest shown was good, plus I even had a nice amount sells. So it took me back to something my Baba told me last year. He told me that I should be in sells. And it sounded so weird to me. I knew the finickiness of dealing with people, products and money and I wasn’t very excited to hear his statement. But as I sit here on my couch twelve months from that original conversation I am plotting a way to bring my idea to the whole world. Build something that has a powerful energy. So this past Sunday morning I went to my priest Awo Fasegun and told him that his words had become reality. I wish you could see the look on his face it was priceless. I have always took the sharing of wisdom from elders very seriously. But to see something actually happen that came from the mouth of a person that I have only know 15 months makes me further value the interactions I have with my elders. Eyes open, mouth closed, listen, trust and have faith. In that order.
That week defined me. It gave me a meaning. It painted a new picture. Now I must continue to do the work. Not only for Breathe Love, but also for myself. As Breathe Love grows so will I. As exposure increases so will the responsibility. I will have to step up to the plate when those times come. The vibration going on right now is high. And it is connecting with other beings. Which I am pretty shocked about. But there is obviously a reason this has happened and I am going to ride it out.
Breathe LOVE

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