by Troy C. Thomas

It was just another Tuesday
At least that’s what he thought
Responding to a text message from the night before started an exchange that would last for hours
To him the trading of text between former lovers seemed harmless
The back and forth of pleasantries was effortless
She inquired about his day was going
So he asked the same of hers
But that was just segue
There was something else she wanted to discuss
There was a dream last night
And it was still heavy on her mind
The imagery from it was still as vivid the next morning as it was during
She mentioned it very nonchalantly
But she wanted a response
A bit of attention
And he took the bait
He was hooked onto her line almost immediately
There was an interest in the topic, but he wasn’t overly excited
So then he requested for her to explain in detail what transpired
She was coy in her response
There was also a bit of reluctance to tell her dream
She wanted him to know, but she knew reliving her lunar thoughts would have repercussions
And boy was she right


She was out running errands before she had to go into work
She had cause for concern because she knew the moment she began the recollection of her dream there would be an anxiousness taking over her body
She proceeded with caution
There was a graphic but vague picture painted for the receiver
And her body responded
Her undergarments were suffering
Summer rains immediately appeared
A hint of lavender started to float around her
To feel this vulnerable in a public setting was not her cup of tea, but she was enjoying it
The man on the other end of her texts was enjoying himself as well
He was excited by her fantasy
The sad part was that he couldn’t get too wrapped up in the moment
He was too handling his own business
He was distracted in a major way
One minute he had the biggest grin
And the next he was making sure that he was finishing his tasks
He was focused though, as much as could be
Eventually her task was done and proceeded to make her way home
But the text conversation got the best of her
Her body yearned for the feeling she felt the night before
She couldn’t fight it anymore
The involuntary clinching of her thighs were calling for her touch
Her drivers hand slipped below her skirt
She felt her magic
Her pretty panties were…
She rubbed her lips until she couldn’t fight anymore
She caught her composure
But then she stopped at a red light
Her fingers disappeared into her abyss
On a sunny day she was pleasuring her temple during mid day traffic
And she loving it
Yet she made no mention of her activities
He had no clue that she was exploring her womanly region
This is what she needed
She craved his questions
She craved his attention
She wanted more though

By the time she reached her house she asks was he enjoying her description
And asks how would he had to the fantasy Consciously ignoring her original question
He quickly dives into painting a scenario for her that would give a porn star goose bumps
He describes in extreme detail, then presses “send”
Numerous graphic descriptions followed one after another, she is getting frustrated
She realizes they had never played this game before and address it with him in the moment
He replies immediately “Because I am spontaneous”
She accepts his answer and falls right back into her fog of pleasure
The picture he painted for her has her mind
She is in a trance
She makes her way to her room and lays down on her Queen size bed
Her legs are suddenly spread as wide as wide as her mattress
Her hand slides behind her soaked panties
She is in her own utopia
Her body is in an inferno
Her panties become her enemy
She slips them off
Now she has full access to her temple
Her thoughts were engulfed in pleasuring herself
The more she tried to holdback the better each touch felt
And her touch was the magic wand
Her gates would open and reopen again
Her fingers were like a dam holding back water
Her body could no longer withstand this bliss
Her imagination was still manifesting the words on the tiny screen in her hand
A cataclysm occurs
She proceeds
Then another rush of water breaks free
Followed by another
She is no longer in control
Her body is now behind the wheel
He is still on the other end with no clue that she is in the midst of such an erotic experience
He is still describing possible scenarios to her and trying to handle his tasks
He definitely wasn’t expecting this
To him is was just a Tuesday
And she just wanted him to know

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