A Dā

by Troy C. Thomas

You’re triumphs have baggage…


We are not a footnote in the story

Someone obviously forgot to tell you we  are a main in character

The underdog

The protagonist on a continuous journey to find itself

The costar that the viewer loves and hates to cheer for

It can be quite confusing

So we tiptoe the line

We watch what we say and what we do

But the time has come to not care

Becauce we are the original

The creators of your celebrated wisdom

Yet you shun us like we are a homeless mutt

You are amazed by our divine gifts

But only us as your entertainment

You have eat our food

King of dance to our music

Plagarized our cultures

And still have the nerve to think we shouldn’t be treated HUMANE

Those days are over

I repeat, those days are over

My people have been conditioned to put you and yours on a pedestal

But we must topple you down like the Berlin Wall

Your commentary will no longer matter

We don’t want your approval or input

Your propaganda machines are exposed

Pacifying institutions cabal be destroyed

Your lies were supported by so many for so long

Now we witness real news in real time and you cannot control it

Once we have that first taste of blood you will not be able to stop it

That day will come’eth and you will not be able to stop it

Once the echo of the drum beats you will not be able to stop it

After we find and see love in ourselves, best believe you will not be able to stop it

That love will illuminate

Blind you

Put the mirror flush against your face and confine you

That day will come and the heavens will rejoice

Because their first born will have realized their greatness by using their voice





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Troy C. Thomas

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