by Troy C. Thomas

Santa Monica Beach 4/15/2016 6AM

Good morning,

I am sitting in my car and I just took my first sip of water of the day. Normally this wouldn’t be breaking news. But I have been asked to participate in an experiment. My friend Marnier Lassiter has given me a challenge to consume Kangen Alkaline Water daily to see if there are noticeable changes or benefits. So for the next thirty days I will be drinking this water solely, approximately a gallon a day. Which for most would be a task. But I am very familiar with this much water consumption due to my participation in different athletic competitions. When I am in training mode I have to drink at least one gallon per day to stay hydrated and assist in muscle recuperation.So Marnier has asked myself, her best friend Vannika Bell and my sister Miranda Bowden to partake in this study. Some of the things she is looking to see a difference in are our overall physical status, how much energy we have or don’t, if our exercise regiments have improved during the consuming and our health. I can honestly say that this will be the perfect experiment for myself. Since the end of March I have had the worst fatigue. I ran the LA Marathon and a virus arose during the race. Since then I have not had the best energy levels that I am accustomed to. And I have gotten two colds since then. Plus I have not been faithful to my no alcohol and dairy products during the work-week regiment. Also I have been having high levels of stress. Which I can totally feel the effects on my body. So by doing this 30 day challenge right now it will have a greater chance of showing the benefits. Due to my body not being in its most optimum shape.

This week it was time to take that first step back into the world of exercising. I have been quite the uninspired lazy person lately. Tuesday I took a bootcamp class and did about 23 miles on my road bike riding through Long Beach. That one day gave me the drive to start getting back into a better condition health wise. Being sluggish and having body aches is not my cup of tea. So for the next thirty days I will consume as much of the Kangen alkaline water as possible, watch my diet and increase my exercising. I will log in daily. And give a brief summary of how my body feels and whether or not I notice any differences. GAME ON.


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