King On A King

by Troy C. Thomas

Under a blue glow
I reflect on what I once was
And the things that I used to do
It’s amazing how that curveball from life can knock you off course
Now I’m in a cocoon
Impatiently patiently waiting for my rebirth
But who will I be?
I have to ask myself
This journey has been bumpy
Sort of like a wagon with wood wheels on an unpaved road
But this glow has me on one
I am feeling true with this hue
When you feel, you never want it to expire
When you get older you crave to desire
On any level
You just want to feel
Gone are the cheap thrills
Either that or I just gave the Heisman stiff arm to them
This time is about being in tune with me
What feels right
What feels good
What is not healthy
There is no right or wrong
It’s only an is

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Troy C. Thomas

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