by Troy C. Thomas

We aren’t waiting any longer
You’re sympathy is no longer needed
Either you’re an ally…
Or an enemy
Playing the fence from now on means you’re against us
The dancing is over
The fake grins have ended
The gestures to make you comfortable will now be stares of examination
This is war
And we have to win
Every life changed will be documented for the get back
You’ll try to change the subject like always, and bring up black on black
But that’s on our agenda too
We have some healing to do
A laundry list to address
Best believe it’s going to happen
But you’re first
The world is watching
And you don’t even realize how volatile this moment is
Brown tanned bodies across the globe are awaiting our awakening and victory
And you’re the hurdle in the way
We will have to train hard
Be disciplined
Stay quiet
But we will scale you
Now “Run nigger run” will have a new meaning
All power to melanin
Utopia to my fellowmen
Salvation for our fallen
Love for our origins
Phoenix rising





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Troy C. Thomas

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