by Troy C. Thomas

Eye wish eye was not afraid to die
Eye could be in on the front line with a nine
Screaming “did evil pig die”
But eye cannot
Eye have to make it home
My kid would be mad at me
Eye wish my baritone had the rhythm of your favorite song
So that it would catch ears and raise spirits like the drums did
Eye wish eye could scream at the top of my lungs in the face of our oppressors with a reckless abandon
But i don’t know their name nor where to find them
Eye wish we had more understanding for the importance of planning
But it seems we only worry about today and not tomorrow
Eye sit back and wonder
Eye wonder until my minds wanders
What if’s become that could work
Then reality sets in
That it is real work
And in theory it sounds so exciting
But when real reality sets in eye remember eye got plans
Plans to be here and there
Eye sure cannot give up my weekends
Eye got friends and they need to see me
And eye need to see them
Would you give up your comforts for a new way?
Would you tighten your belt and be more disciplined for a new day?
Eye hear the screams
But on the real eye don’t believe them
Because theirs sitcoms debuting this season
That concert eye coming up for me to post pics of me stunting on social media
Eye got shit to do
You know how we do
Eye wish eye was not scared
Eye really do
Eye cut off my limbs to show eye was serious
Let the world know that eye was not just all talk
That eye walk with intention
That when eye speak its with the utmost conviction
You would know that eye’m serious
That eye would give up my life for a real movement
Eye wish eye wasn’t scared
But eye cannot die in vain
Eye don’t want my name on a RIP t shirt
If eye die eye need it on the front of an institute
Eye want my name and my life to have meaning
Not be a soundbite on tv
Not be a trophy for some devil that wears badge
Not be a statistic for Fox News either
Eye need to not be scared

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Troy C. Thomas

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