Elbow Grease

by Troy C. Thomas

Some make us smile
Some have that gift to make us cry
There are even some that can bring the fire out of us
We also have those that inspire us,
That us want more for our lives, our loved ones and the whole world
We need them
Sometimes we forget them
But they are still a part of us
It may be a couple of days, weeks, months or even years
But they still hold a place within your thoughts
They have become a piece to the puzzle of your universe
A connection forever etched into your spirit
They are a part of you
They see you
They know you
They love you
They irk you
They love you again
They can possibly envy you or vice versa
But that is still a part of the journey
They motivate you, good or bad
Memories are made
Memories are reminisced on
Memories may hurt
Memories can damn near give you a hernia from laughing so hard
Always remember

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Troy C. Thomas

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