by Troy C. Thomas

A Sunday

One arranged for masculinity

Because we must do the work

Work to build within ourselves, our homes, our ile,  our communities and the world

All egos are left curbside

We are now one

This is so necessary

We are a mighty bunch separately, But together we are colossal

Gifted on so many levels

Different cultures

Different sizes

Different hues

A mosaic masterpiece

Our ase is quite high

You can feel it in our greetings

Some loved ones, familiar faces and strangers all here for the same reason

We are in need

Our spiritual leader shares with us the tasks of the day

And it excites us

We greet Esu

Foribale before we enter our war room

The Odu is real

Chants of ‘ase’ echo from person to person

Awos share their wisdom

We all consume the wisdom of Oludumare like it’s our favorite dessert

The message is to cool the heads of our youth

We need them to live

So we have to find a way

Make a way

To… quell their rage

We understand

But we need them

Prayers to Osetura  

We construct a 360 on moistened ayé

Now alligator pepper for healing

Our offering to IFA must be handled

We chant our names so that it doesn’t transition in vain

We feed ayé first

Then the masquerade

Our circle then has its turn

We are now forever connected

Bitter Kola for balance

Now we follow the drums

A army draped in white floats down the street

We reach our destination

We salute her, Yemaya and Olukun

The river goddess sounds so lovely today

Her rapids are flowing strongly

The brass bell echos in my ear as she is praised in español

We are advised to soak our feet in her waters

Today is an indescribable experience

We sing together, chanting the welcome song of the indigenous Californians

Now Awo Fasegun is ready

Prayers into the bowl of the potion he made

We must drink this to let go

Drink to take the shackles off of us that our distorting our perceptions

We are blessed and we need to acknowledge it

Or we will miss future ones

IFA has spoken

We drink from this bowl


We are family

We sit

We talk

We bask in this moment

Our supreme being is happy with our offering

We need not speak to one another

Grown men and boys pose for a snapshot to chronicle this day

One by one we embrace

This is love

This is truth

This is IFA



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