A Dedication to You

by Troy C. Thomas

Welcomed sexual vulgarity
Third eyes synced
Can communicate with no speak
Always thinking about you
So good to me it makes me want to be true
Schoolyard crush type
Fantasize about our late nights
We’re very different, But together we’re very alike
I have cravings for you like my favorite dish
Once we bonded the others had to be dismissed
My medulaoblongata throbs from your intellect
My interior grins when you drop gems
Mind open like when you spread those curvy limbs
I want you as my friend
Then my homie-lover thing
Plus be my codefendant
My workout partner because I need to stay with it
The other piece to my entrepreneur
Fuck it, just be my everything
Share with me what others don’t know and I’ll give you everything
Secrets are welcomed
Vulnerability cherished
Our time celebrated
I really can’t believe with just started dating
LOL you know i’m just playing
Your smiles are contagious
I give it a five star rating
When it flexes my direction time stops
Its fresher than the first rain drop
I can go on and on, and don’t stop
I am mentally enamored
So damn beautiful you cause me to stammer
Stuck like a criminal in the slammer
Damn, you’re a bad mamma jamma
and one day I’ll meet ya

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Troy C. Thomas

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