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by Troy C. Thomas

The universe works in a mysterious way. There are certain occurrences that arise and we have no words for how and why they happened. But that they were just meant to be.   One part of Breathe Love is community work. One part is hosting events. Sometimes we mesh them together. Overall Breathe Love is…


by Troy C. Thomas

A Sunday One arranged for masculinity Because we must do the work Work to build within ourselves, our homes, our ile,  our communities and the world All egos are left curbside We are now one This is so necessary We are a mighty bunch separately, But together we are colossal Gifted on so many levels…

Time to Party 

by Troy C. Thomas

  April 4, 2015 8pm   I’m the first person to arrive at Arsenal. This isn’t anything new, I’m always early. I am taking this moment in to the fullest. Everything is setup. The band’s equipment is ready. The step & repeat is waiting on the beautiful people to grace it. This feels so right.Putting our…