by Troy C. Thomas

The universe works in a mysterious way. There are certain occurrences that arise and we have no words for how and why they happened. But that they were just meant to be.


One part of Breathe Love is community work. One part is hosting events. Sometimes we mesh them together. Overall Breathe Love is a lifestyle. When you go out into the world people “see” who you are by how you carry yourself and by your actions. So when people have on a hoodie or t-shirt it actually is a statement being made. And not just wearing a cool looking logo. It’s a billboard about the character of the person wearing it.


So I wanted to share a moment that happened a few weeks ago for me. To demonstrate the universe at work.


I was going through merchandise one afternoon and found that a hoodie had a dime sized blemish. Honestly to the naked eye most people wouldn’t notice it. But I take too much time and pride in doing Breathe Love to knowingly give a person something that I wouldn’t want myself. I learned a long time ago that when you have the best quality it sells itself. And I never wanted to have or sell substandard products. So I took that sweater and added to the DNS(Do Not Sell) pile. Then I figured I could find someone to share it with that was homeless. It’s winter and temperatures have dropped drastically in the evening. I now had a mission to achieve. One that was small. But it could at least lessen the hardship of dealing with the uncaring cold.


That weekend was my niece’s birthday, and I knew that  would have to drive across town to get to her festivities. This excursion to the other side of town would give me the perfect opportunity to bless someone with a brand new sweater. So I took the streets from my home to the venue for the evening just so I could cross paths with a soul in need. But I didn’t see not one peep of a person to gift the sweater to.  


The following day I did the same exact thing with the hope of finding someone. But this time I took a different route. I got about halfway to my destination and the light turned red. There was a brother standing on the traffic divider. He was asking for change. So I flagged him down.


“Excuse me brother, do you need a sweater?”


As he got closer I noticed he didnt have a shirt on. He just had on a bomber jacket


“Yesssss. I was just asking god for a shirt yesterday. And he answered”
The light turns green and I tell him to have a good day. I turn my neck and watch him cross the street to put on the sweater. My four year old daughter is in the backseat confused as to what just transpired. I explained to her “we just did something nice for someone that doesn’t have a house” and left it at that. It was just another day in the life of the Breathe Love family.  

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