Time to Party 

by Troy C. Thomas



April 4, 2015 8pm


I’m the first person to arrive at Arsenal. This isn’t anything new, I’m always early. I am taking this moment in to the fullest. Everything is setup. The band’s equipment is ready. The step & repeat is waiting on the beautiful people to grace it. This feels so right.Putting our energy, hearts and minds into complete strangers is such an indescribable feeling. Especially that it centers on children, their education and physical well being. The universe brought Adei, Tina and I together. I will forever be grateful. I cannot wait to see how our event goes. How the next three months will go until we board the plane. And obviously once our soles touch the soil of Afrika.



I am very grateful for everyone that took their time to listen to this goal, donated or supported in any way.



























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