The Aftermath

by Troy C. Thomas

July 19, 2015


We returned home to the Lebu house at 5am. Last night we hit up four clubs and went to grab some pizza in the red light district of Addis. We were ripping and running around different streets in search of something to eat. There were so many bars on each block and in the area that I couldn’t even keep a count of them. Even though it was the wee hours of the morning, there will people walking around everywhere. “Women of the night” soliciting and getting picked up by tricks. After hitting a few corners, we found a pizza parlor. It was actually a pretty good pizza. They even give you a spicy green sauce that tastes and looks like the type that the Peruvian restaurants use. We scarfed down the pizza and we were back on our way. The next stop was Uncle BF’s house.

This morning I woke up to the kids eating breakfast. Uncle BF, Getu and Adei were debating higher thought and the relation to that of people of color. I literally ate my breakfast and listened. I probably chimed in once, which is totally not like me. But I was still in a fog from the night before. Honestly, I am not sure long I slept. But it wasn’t long. Nor was it long enough. After their debate Adei went and took a nap. While Banchi was still in a coma. I decided to finish my novel on the life of Reginald Lewis. The last two chapters are tear jerkers. I guess the Sagittarius comes out whenever it wants now. I finished the book and then I take a nap. Ale comes in and wakes me up for coffee, I don’t even get up. I extended my nap. By the time I wake up, it’s time for lunch. After eating I sat around for a while and then I took another nap. Adei comes into to my room and tell me that we are going to grab a beer and tibs(beef) down the street. So we take a night stroll with her father and uncle. So the setup on these spots are pretty interesting. In Ethopia the butchers are on the street and they have a whole fresh carcass hanging in a open air booth. No refrigeration. Anyway, you tell the butcher how much meat you want and from which part of the cow. Then they chargrill it for you. It comes with enjera and a red sauce like Tapatio. It was pretty darn tasty. We talked and guzzled Ethiopian draft beers. Four four adults to get full on beef and two rounds of beers to wash it down, it cost us less than $5 USD. I was very happy and shocked when I did the math in my head. Gotta love it!! Afterwards we returned home and just watched movies with the kids.

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