Running Around (Low Key On A Thursday)

by Troy C. Thomas

July 23, 2015

After our relaxing field trip yesterday, I knocked out pretty early. That good hard sleep. I woke out of my slumber by the disturbing noise of a bimbi buzzing in my ear. And I wasn’t even covered up like I normally would be. I got up off the couch in the den. As I was walking to my bedroom, I realized that I has got bitten on my arm. The cold part is that I had on a long sleeve shirt. I have never experienced mosquitos this serious. They even bite through your clothes and on your face. After I got into my bedroom I covered from head to toe. And knocked back out. THIS MORNING I GOT MY REVENGE. And I’m very proud of it. So I was minding my business watching TV until a bimbi appeared from the sheer curtains above and started flying near my head. I slapped one of them and it disappeared after I swung for it. The next one I swung at with a travel brochure. Lets just say it was a bloody mess lol. I hit the mosquito so hard that it ran flush into the wall and exploded. There was blood on the very expensive Italian style painted walls. I got him, revenge is sweet. The best part of that story is that I slept throughout the night. It was actually the first time in a while that I got a full nights rest in Addis. And I didn’t have to take a Benadryl to do it.


We started the day like we normally do, with our mandatory breakfast. And added discussing politics and financials disasters going on in present day Europe. It’s a breath of fresh air having these daily discussions about events that are going outside of the U.S. and that actually matter. After my food settled and our discussion was over, I took a nap. Immediately after that it was time to play with the kids. Which we did until we took a walk to Kaldis for some ice cream. Kaldis ice cream is one of the best I’ve ever had. So good that I kept buying scoops for myself after I finished my first serving. After my ice cream I had to rush back to the house, Dade was going to pick me up. I had scheduled with Yohannes to drop off the soccer equipment/shoes and clothes for the children. Dade scooped me up at the Lebu house and took me to the Kore region of Addis. Adei and I had decided that the children of the Let There Be Light program were more than deserving. And I definitely want to further assist in the work they do for the children once I return back to the U.S. I want to send books to help. Yohannes is doing some amazing things with these children with such a limited amount of resources and being paid very little for his dedication. That means he is doing it from the heart, so I’m sure him seeing these kids excel is bigger to him than any payroll check could do for him. After we dropped of the clothing, I had Dade take me to grab a gift for Uncle BF. I kept it simple, real simple. I copped a late aged bottle of the official unofficial drink of the Ethiopians: Johnnie Walker Black. It’s the least I could do, this man hosted me in his home. Before I landed in Addis, BF never had met me. He might of heard of me because of our Lunch For Education fundraiser. But other than that I was a total stranger. He has housed me and fed me. I am truly indebted to this man.


Once I returned back to the Lebu house, I snuck in the gift for Uncle BF. I got anxious and just ended up giving it to him after being home for about 20 minutes. Let’s just say he was very shocked and happy with my choice of gift. He left it in favorite of the house: The living room. He made sure he left there. He didn’t want anyone to get any ideas on drinking it. Even once I left to fly back to Los Angeles it was still sitting in the same spot. I wonder if he ever cracked it open.

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