by Troy C. Thomas

July 21, 2015


I woke up at 1am. I was not a happy camper. Last night, my right molar was giving me the blues. I have been eating so much beef since I’ve landed on this fertile soil. The last two days we have been eating tibs. So I flossed before I went to bed. And there was cow shrapnel everywhere. I guess my teeth shifting and flossing irritated something. I had the worst pain, felt like that nerves were throbbing. I popped an Advil and tried to knock out. And to surprise I actually fell asleep. I approximately woke up at 5:30am. I’ll take that. That’s way better than waking up at 2am and not getting any rest until 5pm, which happened the day before.

Today’s field trip was to Entoto Mountain. Mr. Getu, Amon, Ezu, Gabe, their cousin Endawk and myself on this journey. Adei’s youngest son Ezu said “It’s just the guys”. He sounded pretty excited about that. We left Kebena and drove thru the city to get to the main road that would take thru the traditional Habesha clothing region. Then up the massive mountain to the plateau. The Entoto region is important because it’s where the palace of Emperor Menalek resides. We walked around and inside the palace. Felt so cool to be occupying space that once is a part of Afrikan history. There is also an Orthodox Church on the premises. We strolled around the octagon. Then went to the museum right next to the church. The museum houses artifacts from high priest, Emperess Titu and Emperor Menalek. Our guide was Orthodox priest. He explained the history of each piece in Amharic and Getu would translate it for me. It was quite interesting to get a glimpse into a small part of Ethiopian history. Once our tour was over, I went outside. I thought we were about to head to our next stop. Getu gave the elder a tip for his thorough guide. Then the priest opened a door to secret room. There were photographs and artifacts of very important statesmen, warriors and emperors on the walls. We were very appreciative of the additional sharing. But the icing on the cake happened after that. The priest took out a weathered silver cross that was about 10 inches long and then blessed each of us from head to toe. I really was grateful. It reminded me of something my Baba said. When I was asking for his advice on making a voyage to Afrika, he told me that I should go but that wasn’t the only thing. He stated that where ever that I ended choosing to go to that the people of the continent will show me love because of my sincerity in wanting to learn from them. So I definitely felt honored that our guide went well past his duty of explaining the history of one of Ethiopia’s powerful leaders.

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I got to experience history today, I am very happy.

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